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About Coyote Creek Concerts

Coyote Creek Concerts is part of Elbert County Music and Art, a 501c3 non profit providing support for and promoting music and art education and activities in the county. We operate partly with private and business donations.

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We are not a house concert. Concerts are held in a small pavilion in a city park in Elizabeth, Colorado, a southern suburb of Denver. The venue is indoors but somewhat open air. Venue capacity is 200. Ticket prices are $12.00 in advance, $15.00 at the door.

The sound system is all pro audio components, set up like a big studio monitor system, in stereo. Stage monitors are excellent. It sounds great, both to the audience and the artists, and is far better than what artists usually have to endure. The sound engineer is a gold record, award winning professional.

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Coyote Creek Concerts is a small, intimate venue with superb sound and a really appreciative audience. Thank you for your interest in Coyote Creek concerts.

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Unless otherwise noted, all Coyote Creek Concerts will be held at:
Casey Jones Park Pavilion
4189 Highway 86, Elizabeth, CO