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World Class Music - Presented Locally in Elbert County

Dakota Blonde

September 16, 7:30pm
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“Soulful, delicate, powerful, insightful… all that and more,” are the words Michael Johnson (International recording artist/song-writer) uses to describe Dakota Blonde. “Highly addictive & absolutely contagious” is how their loyal & captivated audiences describe them! Any way you put it, Dakota Blonde, made up of Mary Huckins, Don Pinnella & Tony Raddell have certainly played and sung their way into countless hearts & souls around the globe! They met through their careers in Music Therapy, working with children and adolescents who are emotionally troubled. Therapy… yes… they have a special knack for including audiences in their music and finding the heart strings that music plays in all of us. This special capacity for empathy could explain the titanium bond the band quickly forms with their audiences. “Wonderful souls on and off the stage!” Performing originals and covers with their unique blend of heart, humor, authenticity and spirit, Dakota Blonde has had overwhelming success with all of their CD releases! … and they just keep ‘em coming! The group has received top honors for their song-writing, CD projects and performances across the country, and even internationally. You certainly won’t want to miss the opportunity to become a Blonde-Head!
Tickets for this concert - only available at the door, until sold out!
"You guys rock! Dakota Blonde is soulful, delicate, powerful, insightful... all that and more. Trust real artists to be true to the song and leave the 'Flight of the Bumble-Bee' approach to everybody else at the fair. Mary, Don & Tony wouldn't have a prayer on American Idol. Too musical."
-Michael Johnson
"Honest, warm, comfortable, fun and utterly unique. Quite simply the best night of music we have ever experienced!"
- Barrett Mountain Music

Unless otherwise noted, all Coyote Creek Concerts will be held at:
Casey Jones Park Pavilion
4189 Highway 86, Elizabeth, CO